What You Leave Behind LIVE BLOG!

The RDT dancers are excited to be experimenting with a LIVE blog.  What you see below is a real time document created by the dancers during rehearsals with Nick and Natosha during the two week creation of ‘What You Leave Behind.’

Using words, impressions, thoughts, images, and video we hope that this virtural document will show you a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes on in the studio each day.  We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, comments, and feedback.  Please use the comment section at the bottom of this page to communicate with us.

Later on this week, you will even be given and opportunity to have something of your own included in this new work.  Please check back often to see updates and help us spread the word about this new experiement.  Enjoy!

Jan 27 1:31 pm

New order… great!  We like the piece much more now!  On to a run of the new order/full piece for the first of two runs!  Tosha is currently eating a slider from Carlucci’s… smells awesome!

Jan 27 12:12 pm

Starting our last day!  Got good feedback yesterday.

Things we are looking at: 1) a new order for the sections 2) making Sarah’s solo more of a climax 3) refining transitions and figuring out the order for the rest of the show.

Onwards and upwards!

Jan 26 3:10 pm

It’s always scary when five people sit down to watch your dance for the first time… hopefully, all is well!  We’ve been working really hard today to answer questions, coach, develop through-lines and make sense of everything as a whole.

Everything has started to revolve around this diagonal that we make in the first part of the dance… makes more sense to Tosha and I… hopefully it reads to the viewers.

Tosha is taking notes and I’m running music.  We will have to switch fronts soon so I can run music and see the piece for real.  I’ve really only seen sections from the front.  The rest of the time, I’m watching from the back.

Oh boy – here we go!

Jan 26 2:51 pm

Things coming together very nicely!  We have, maybe, a 22 minute piece.  Might be a tad bit longer.  Linda and Lynne Wimmer will be here in 10 minutes to watch a run and give feedback… scared but excited!

Jan 26 1:58 pm

Been busy working piece by piece… cleaning stuff and answering questions.   Too busy to blog… will try hard this next hour.  And Katie is standing right by me and I can smell chocolate… yum!

Jan 25 3:37 pm

making our first cut… probably about 4 mins off… the part we don’t like – well, like isn’t a part of it.  The part we can do with out is the opening.  We feel like the first duet is good, but the rest isn’t really doing anything.  Off with it’s head!


Jan 25 3:00 pm

Just started our first run of the whole piece… let’s see how long this is going to be??!?!??!?!?!??!

Jan 25 2:55 pm

Working on transitions!  So nice to have everything coming together!

Here’s a video from yesterday with the dancers playing tape-ball volleyball!

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Jan 24 3:45 pm

Edited music last night with T Dawg Trevor Price… excited to try some stuff out.  Putting an ending on our closing section then on to other tid bits to finish!  On our way!

Jan 24 3:45 pm

Why is finishing a piece so hard?  We choreographed 20+ minutes in five days and 1 minute is taking so damn long!

Jan 24 3:01 pm

Working on ending…

Jan 24 1:17 pm

Starting on an ending.  An PS – found out yesterday we have at least 27 minutes of material.  That’s a problem since the piece is supposed to be between 17-20 minutes.  We’ve got to condense and layer and cut!  Onwards and upwards.

And the dancers are now turning the old ball of tape into a volleyball and playing a game… the net is the diagonal line.  Video has been taken and will be posted shortly!

Jan 23 12:38 pm

We are working with Sarah on the old rope solo… sans rope.  We nixed it – trying to condense ideas so this piece doesn’t end up 45 minutes long!  Hooray for second week of work!

Jan 23 12:37 pm

For some reason, this post on Friday didn’t post as it was suppose too… here it is today!

Been working really, really hard AND we have a beginning!  Uploaded this video from a few days ago while we worked.  Sorry for the lack of info today.  It did pay off though!

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Jan 20 12:24 pm

Getting ready to start with the dancers… long day ahead but I bought snacks to help keep blood sugar up and spirits high!

Jan 19 4:44 pm

Sitting at home now… not enough time in the day to get stuff done.  Didn’t seem like we made much progress forward.  RDT has so much work to do on top of learn a new piece!  One section is done, tried to figure out a beginning.  Not sure we did, but we did stumble upon a great idea and the makings of a cool section.  Not that we need more sections or material… WE NEED A BEGINNING!

Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!  We have a lot to show for the work we’ve done – but so far to go!

Jan 19 2:29 pm

Not enough time in this music to fit everything in… what to do?  Something’s gotta be cut.

Jan 19 12:58 pm

You know some serious choreography is going on when Missy Elliott gets played!

Jan 19 12:30 pm

Day four started… and yes, we’ve tied Sarah up to a rope and are making her dance with it running off stage.  Problem number 1 – find a knot that won’t cut her in two!

Jan 18 3:55 pm

Day Three done… the second section has come together nicely.  We changed the music and things seemed to fix themselves.  Scheduling might be the most difficult thing we do all day!  Both Tosha and I have to run off to our other jobs so no time to blog.  No rest for the weary!  Here’s an RDT blooper!

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Jan 18 2:25 pm

Great section almost done… ladies into boys duets along the diagonal.  It’s so nice when things come together so seamlessly!

Jan 18 1:50 pm

I swear – someday people will realize we don’t know what we are doing… it’s all just happy mistakes!

Jan 18 1:05 pm

Worked with the men… new direction for their duet… literally.  They are moving down a diagonal we build in another section.  We are taping off pathways on stage as things happen.  Maybe too literal of an interpretation of what you leave behind but, it’s working for now.  On to new material with the ladies!

Jan 18 5:59 am

We obviously haven’t started rehearsals quite yet as it’s 5:53am but I’m wondering is anybody else feeling stiff?  Not sore, stiff?

Well, off to choreograph and teach my high schoolers for a few hours before heading back to the RDT studio!

Jan 17 3:58 pm

Vimeo has been down all day so no uploaded videos… sorry.  We took some today but can’t get them on the blog.

Second day done!  We are getting a little more clarity in how we want to start the piece; however, we seem to have too many ideas, options, and choices of where to go.  We still aren’t quite sure what direction we want to go, but it’s getting clearer.

The duets are all very, very different.  Right now, that stands out as a good thing.  We want variety.  Sarah and Katie’s duet turned out pretty lighthearted whereas Toni and Rosy’s duet is pretty heavy.  Nathan and Aaron’s duet is full of partnering and dancing.  We are thinking we will add some dancers to that section tomorrow – still highlighting the two men, but adding some more layers with others.

All in all, a good two days.  We are probably going to have way to much material for a 17-20 minute piece.  How do we edit, condense, and layer things so we get everything we want?  Not to mention transitions that will take time.  We’ve don’t a lot in two days, but still have so much to do!

Jan 17 3:44 pm

Toni’s list of things she’s left behind.  Used it to develop a movement phrase for her in the first section.

Jan 17 2:04 pm

Katie & Sarah duet is done.  Love it!

Jan 17 1:01 pm

So, a 3:56 sec chunk in two hours… all in all, we’d say good work!

Jan 17 11:39 am

Just managed to exponentially increase the amount of movement material we have for the first piece… now we have even more options.  But seems like a good direction for now.

Jan 17 11:05 am

Starting day two…  how does this piece start?  We are tying to answer that question.

Jan 16 3:47 pm

So… we’re spent!  Had a really productive day.  Started a lot of sections… everything has come together nicely, now we just have to find a through line for everything.

The first section seems to have the most possibilities.  Not sure what music we want to use or how we want to build it.  Knowing us, we need to decide on music first and then we can create the dance.  It’ll be hard if we don’t do that soon!

The text was fun to work with.  Katie and Sarah’s section turned out wittier and more humorous – always a good thing.  The duet with Nathan and Aaron is very nice as well.  Fun to have the two men lifting each other.  Rosy and Toni’s duet is simple but powerful.  The things they wrote are so honest and meaningful.

How does it all fit together?

Jan 16 2:52 pm

On to the boys… starting with a movement phrase with themes from this morning.  We are both tired of words… two hours of writing and dancing.  We need to move!

Jan 16 2:45 pm

P.S. In order to stay warm on lunch break I wrapped myself in a Dracula cloak from the costume room.  Good times.


Jan 16 2:39 pm

The coldest place in Salt Lake City is definitely the Green Room at the Rose Wagner.  Not sure if my back will be warm enough to dance full out. Maybe ever again.  Why is 32 so different from 22? Day one and my old bones are sore!!!


Jan 16 2:31 pm

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Jan 16 1:56 pm

Went to a pretty deep place with Rosy and Toni.  Uploading video now… we’ll go lighter with Katie and Sarah.

Jan 16 12:56 pm

Writing assignment… write about something you’ve left behind.

Jan 16 12:46 pm

Doubtful daisy… have to remind myself that things don’t need to make sense today.  It’s only the first day.  Now on to a duet with Toni and Rosy.

Jan 16 12:34 pm

Hungry choreographers… must get food so we can think properly!

Jan 16 11:40 am

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This was from class this morning.  We had a great time dancing and started a fun partnering phrase.

Jan 16 10:50 am

The dancers are standing around watching me type this!  The live blog is up and running.