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Dance education resources for teachers

RDT creates study guides, lesson plans, curriculum and videos to enrich its Arts-in-Education activities. Resource material is sent to help teachers prepare for an RDT performance or residency, augment a workshop or develop a library of topical information.

I. General dance Education resources


II. Study Guides

Use the links below to download current study guides for use in the classroom.




III. Lesson plans

The following lesson plans are written by RDT dancers and artistic staff. Feel free to use them in your classroom, or dance studio.

Dance Lesson Plans (for dance Classes)

Check out the RDT blog - "Lesson Plan of the Month"


NDEO's Jr High Day of Dance Lesson Plans


Lesson Plans for the Elementary Classroom

coming soon...

IV. Evaluation forms

We use your feedback to evaluate all of our Arts-in-Education programming. We greatly value your opinion. Please use the links below to fill out evaluations for any of the programs you have attended.


V. Helpful Links