Ballroom Basics

Ballroom Basics

RDT Dancer Tyler Orcutt teaches steps for a variety of different Ballroom dance styles

Waltz: The Box Step

Follow along with Tyler Orcutt as he breaks down a step from the Waltz.

Waltz: Rotating the Box Step

Tyler continues his teaching with the Waltz by teaching how to rotate the box step.

The Cha Cha Basic

Tyler teaches the basic Cha Cha step for students to follow and learn.

The Cha Cha: Cross-Over Break

Tyler continues to teach the Cha Cha with a new step, the Cross-Over Break.

The Cha-Cha: 5th Position

Tyler continues his teaching of the Cha-Cha by introducing the 5th position.

The Cha-Cha Chase

Tyler introduces another move to our Cha Cha lessons: the chase.

The Cha-Cha Finale

Tyler finishes off his teaching of the Cha-Cha by combining all his lessons from the Basic, the Cross-Over break, 5th position and Cha-Cha Chase.

East Coast Swing Basic

Tyler Orcutt continues teaching Ballroom dance with the East Coast Swing! This lesson teaches the basic step of the style. Part 1

East Coast Swing Underarm Turn

Tyler continues teaching the East Coast Swing with a new move, Underarm Turn, for the follower. Part 2

East Coast Swing Peekaboo Turn

Part 3 of our East Coast Swing series taught by Tyler Orcutt. He introduces a new step, the Peekaboo Turn.

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