Online Lesson Plans

Online Lesson Plans

Welcome to RDT’s resource guide and lesson plan repository! Included in these pages are numerous videos, lesson plans, activities, and ideas to engage your students as you work through the joys and challenges of teaching dance and dance education through online means.

The pages here are developing and growing with more being added each day. If there is a particular topic you’d like us to cover, please reach out. The company can be contacted at

For now, please feel free to use the resources here, link back to videos, copy ideas however you may need to serve your students and educational goals. Everything here is FREE and offered at no cost to you.

Most Recent Lessons

Matt Mattox Jazz Tendu

RDT Dancer Elle Johansen teaches a Jazz tendu exercise originally taught by Matt Mattox.

Horton Technique: Beginner Elementary Balance

Dan Higgins teaches a Horton exercises that focuses on strength and balance. This is the beginner version of the exercise.

Limon/Humphrey Technique: Processional

Lauren continues her teaching of Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor by teaching a walking phrase from the piece. Part 2.

Folk Dancing: Alunelul

In this World Folk Dance lesson, Jaclyn shares a Romanian line dance called Alunelul.

Elle: How I Like to Choreograph

We now have the privilege to hear from RDT Dancer Elle Johansen about her choreographic process and her method for creating her piece in EMERGE in 2019.

Ballroom Dance: East Coast Swing Basic

Tyler Orcutt continues teaching Ballroom dance with the East Coast Swing! This lesson teaches the basic step of the style. Part 1

Tyler: How I Like to Choreograph

It’s Tyler Orcutt turn to share his thoughts and advice on choreography as well as a wonderful lesson at the end!

Graham Technique: Exercise on Six

Lauren teaches a classic exercise from Graham technique called Exercise on Six

Ursula: How I Like to Choreograph

Ursula Perry shares her views on choreography, a little insight into her piece Femme from EMERGE 2019 and lesson based of her work.

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