Online Lesson Plans

Online Lesson Plans

Welcome to RDT’s resource guide and lesson plan repository! Included in these pages are numerous videos, lesson plans, activities, and ideas to engage your students as you work through the joys and challenges of teaching dance and dance education through online means.

The pages here are developing and growing with more being added each day. If there is a particular topic you’d like us to cover, please reach out. The company can be contacted at

For now, please feel free to use the resources here, link back to videos, copy ideas however you may need to serve your students and educational goals. Everything here is FREE and offered at no cost to you.

Most Recent Lessons

2020 Teacher Workshop – Day 3

Recording of the third day of our annual Teacher Workshop.

2020 Teacher Workshop – Day 2

Recording of the second day of our annual Teacher Workshop.

2020 Teacher Workshop – Day 1

Watch the recording of the first day of our annual Teacher Workshop for full classes and discussions provided by RDT Dancers and Staff for the public dance educators of Utah.

Plies Adagio Combination

Jaclyn teaches plie combination mixed with adagio elements, perfect for working on balance and leg strength.

Contemporary Combination #2 with Jaclyn

Jaclyn shares another Contemporary phrase to help continue to develop your contemporary vocabulary!

Small Jumps and Grande Battements

Lauren shares a combination focusing on jumps and Battements, pulling a lot of concepts from Limon, Horton, and Taylor techniques.

Triplet with Fall and Recovery

Lauren teaches a stationary triplet exercise that uses elements from the Limon Technique.

Center Tendu Combination

Daniel teaches a center tendu combination perfect for any class to concentrate on feet technique.

Tendu Phrase with Tyler

Tyler Orcutt shares a tendu phrase he created for RDT Company class.

Strengthening Balance and Adagio

Lauren uses elements from Horton’s Elementary Balance to train stabilization and strength in the legs. Perfect if you are not jumping a lot and still want to keep the legs strong.

Michio Ito Study Guide From 2020 Teacher Workshop

A continuation of a description of Michio Ito’s life and works. The guide also contains information as to how RDT works to preserve Ito’s creative vision and works.

Foot Articulation and Hip Warm Up

Lauren shares a warm up designated for feet and ankles that also targets one-leg balancing.

Plies and Upper Back Curves

Lauren teaches a demi-plie combination that focuses on the movement of the upper with references to several modern techniques.

The Cha-Cha Finale

Tyler finishes off his teaching of the Cha-Cha by combining all his lessons from the Basic, the Cross-Over break, 5th position and Cha-Cha Chase.

Los Machetes From 2020 Teacher Workshop

RDT Dance Jaclyn Brown shares Mexican Stick Dance called Los Machetes as part of our World Folk Dance series.

Contemporary-Lyrical Combination

Jaclyn teaches a contemporary-lyrical combination that is perfect for the living room!

Spinal Warm Up with Lauren

Lauren shares a spinal warm up that can be used for any advanced modern dance class.

Limon/Humphrey Technique: Stag and Triplet Phrase

Lauren teaches a jumping and traveling phrase based of Limon repertory, Mazurkas.

Modern Warm-Up Phrase

Tyler Orcutt teaches a short warm-up for a modern class with shoulder rolls and drop swings.

The Cha-Cha: the Chase

Tyler introduces another move to our Cha Cha lessons: the chase.

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