Our Mission

Our Mission

For 50 years, Repertory Dance Theatre has been dedicated to the many faceted art form we call Modern Dance.  Throughout its history, Modern Dance has been used for social commentary, reflection, and exploration of the world around us.  RDT strives to continue this history by preserving the past, educating about the present, and building a bridge to the future through the creation and perpetuation of new dance works.

To sustain our amazing organization for the next 50 years, RDT strives to continually build a larger dance community that is aware of and educated about Modern Dance and actively involved with the company.  We work to achieve this goal through educational outreach, the RDT community school, performances, lectures, and personal interactions.  We view this blog as a valuable tool in these efforts and invite you to share our journey with us here.


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  1. Hello. I’m wondering who I would contact regarding questions about your online archive. I am part of a working group investigating Dance Digital Access. We have some questions regarding this fabulous resource.

    1. This process has been a group effort in our organization to put all these resources online and if you send your questions to us via email, we can give them to the right person in our organization to respond to you. Our email is rdt@rdtutah.org

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