Castor & Pollux – Elizabeth Waters (1957)

Castor & Pollux was going to be a part of our spring concert EARTH TONE. Since the onset of COVID-19, the company is happy to offer the same resources online in digital format. Along with the full performances of Bears Ears and Castor & Pollux, be sure to take a look at the study guide created to go along with these pieces: YOU CAN ACCESS IT HERE!

Castor and Pollux (1958)      Length: 16:50

Choreography: Elizabeth Waters

Music: Harry Partch

Lighting: Pilar I.

Re-staging: Linda C. Smith

This performance is from 1997 when RDT re-staged the work. The company featured in this performance includes Michael Eger, Jim Moreno, Todd Allen, Francisco Gella, Lisa DuPaul, Rebecca Keene Forde, Chara Huckins, Ali Fischer

Note: Castor and Pollux are the twin stars of good luck. The immortal soul appears as substance and the mortal soul as reality. Then the two travel together as of one experience. Elizabeth Waters merges the theories and movements of the Hanya Holm dance technique with movement qualities inspired by Pueblo Indian rituals. The dancers shape and define the space in which they move while conveying the attitudes of Pueblo ceremonial dancers.

Note: In 1970, Ms Waters re-staged Castor and Pollux on RDT and Harry Parch gave Elizabeth Waters permission to use his music, Castor and Pollux, free of charge for her performances in Salt Lake City. 

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