Erosion – by Zvi Gotheiner (1993)

Sarah Donohue & Justin Bass in EROSION by Zvi Gotheiner

Commissioned by RDT – November 1993 – in celebration of the Utah/Colorado Plateau.

Choreography: Zvi Gotheiner

Music: Scott Killian (RDT commissioned score)

Photography: John Telford

Costume design: Marina Harris

Lighting Design: James K. Larsen

Cast: Justin Bass, Sarah Donohue, Efren Corado Garcia., Tyler Orcutt, Ursula Perry, Alyssa Thompson, Katherine Winder, Aaron Wood. Guest dancers: Shane Davis, Shawnee Jo Haycock 

RDT’s “landscape”  project  began in 1993 with  the commissioning of two New York artists. Choreographer Zvi Gotheiner and composer Scott Killian joined forces to create EROSION, inspired by the red-rock, canyon-lands area. The sculptural images in this piece create a timeless quality filled with reminders of the geology, the history, the inhabitants, and the expansive projection of space and time.

“In this land of light, rocks are elevated to sculpture and each earth gesture is a work of art.” (John Telford)

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