Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

This Israeli line dance is a great example of how people can use dance to promote peace in their communities. Very easy Israeli line dance that anyone can do at home, as long as they can run, jump, and step/hop or skip!

The energetic temperament of Israeli folk dancing ranges from sorrowful, in dances performed in reflection of their long dispersion and persecution, to dances of joyfulness, commemorating the establishment of Israel as a nation in their historic homeland. Ever year on May 14, Israel’s Independence Day, there is music and dancing in the streets of Israeli communities. The dance Havenu Shalom Aleichem (We Come to Greet You in Peace) is a dance enjoyed by young people who earnestly seek peace in Israel and peace in the world around them.

FormationA line of dancers with a leader on the right end
PositionHands joined low reaching right hand forward and left hand back to dancers in the line
StepsRun, jump, and step-hop
Music1/4 meter counted in 8 count sequences
Teaching HintsIn spite of its high energy requirement, the dance is very easy to learn. It’s a good idea to change leaders every time the dance is done to give several dancers a chance to lead. Other than that, “let ‘m’ loose!”
  • Introduction is 4 measures or 8 counts.
  • Following the leader in a single file line, everyone starting on the right foot, run 4 steps (1, 2, 3, 4)  turn left 1/4 turn (ending shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor) and jump in place 4 times (5, 6, 7, 8). 
  • Repeat the run/jump sequence 2 additional times for a total of 3 phrases.
  • End the run/jump sequence with one phrase of 4 step-hops (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) in the follow the leader line formation.
  • Repeat the dance four additional times.

Remember the leader determines where the line will go.  That can include big sweeps around the room, “U” turns, or tight circles. The line will be very close and requires that all dancers follow the leader carefully and match the group’s performance step by step.

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Jaclyn Brown is originally from Roosevelt, Utah. Jaclyn hails from Utah Valley University’s (UVU) BFA Modern Dance program, where she performed with Contemporary Dance Ensemble, the department’s pre-professional modern performing group, and also choreographed and performed for Synergy Dance Company. Outside of RDT, Jaclyn performs with Monica Campbell & Dancers. As a member of these companies, Jaclyn has worked with nationally recognized artists, such as, Susan Hadley, Damon Rago, John Allen, Doris Hudson de Trujillo, Jennifer Huffman, Omar Olivas, and Mike Esperanza. Beyond her local training, Jaclyn also traveled to Spain for a study abroad in dance (2010). She also appeared in Alex Boye’s music video “Merci Bon Dieu.” Jaclyn was also honored to first perform for Repertory Dance Theatre as a guest artist in “Commonplace” (2013). Jaclyn is thrilled to be joining the company for her sixth season and would like to thank her husband, family, and friends for their unwavering support.

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