Hip Hop Footwork Lesson

RDT Dancer Dan Higgins shares a fun Hip Hop footwork phrase.


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Dan Higgins, a San Francisco, Bay Area native, began dancing at the age of eighteen after a long history with organized sports. The physicality and athleticism directly translated into his love for dance. Dan received his training from the University of Wyoming, obtaining his B.F.A. in Dance Performance. He has worked with many critically acclaimed artists such as, Bill T. Jones, Nina Watt, Noa Zuk, Danielle Agami, Bill Evans, Joanie Smith, Molissa Fenley, and Zvi Gotheiner among others. Dan is a performer, teacher and choreographer who is currently interested in the mergence of semantic expression and body composition as they relate to the human condition. He has expanded his own work under RDT’s EMERGE Series and at the Salt Lake Fringe Festival. Other choreographic projects can be seen throughout the states of Utah, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Dan continues to craft his own future work with the art of dance, and is grateful to be able to progress alongside a beautiful community.

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