Introduction to Michio Ito

Michio Ito as a young man.

Repertory Dance Theatre is proud to be the US repository for the works of Michio Ito (1892 – 1961). Twice, RDT has worked with Ito master teachers from Japan learning Ito’s technique, style, and choreography.

Below, you will find a 20-minute documentary that introduces this lost modern dance pioneer.

Following the video are some discussion questions. More Ito lesson plans are being developed and will be offered once they have been created.

A brief documentary on the history and pedagogy of Michio Ito.
Film edited by James D’Arcy. Created 2006.

Discussion Questions

  • What are the ways Michio Ito fused ideas from Eastern & Western cultures?
  • Can you think of any artists working today who fuse artistic ideas from various cultures, movement styles, and backgrounds? Who?
  • How do the movement and dance styles we study today differ from the movement Ito used in his choreography?
  • From the few clips of his choreography, what lines, shapes, and forms do you see used again and again? How would describe his movement style and choices?

More Ito lesson plans are coming! Check back for more soon!

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