Ito Lesson: Create Your Own Gestures

So you’ve learned the Ito Gestures?

But what is a gesture? How did Ito use gestures as the basis for choreography?

A gesture is a way that we communicate an idea without speaking.

Think about how you would say “hello” to someone without using your voice. Let’s say you wave to them with your hand and arm, well that would be considered a gesture for greeting someone. How else might you greet someone? What are some other gestures you see in your everyday life? Check out the 7 gestures Elle created that relate to the COVID-19 outbreak. Can you guess what each gesture means?

How would you use Elle’s 7 gestures to make a dance?

What gestures could you create on your own?

Could you create 7 new gestures that reference the COVID outbreak?  How could you use the elements of dance (time space and energy) to change the gestures into an entirely different dance?

Share any and all of these creations on social media and tag us @rdtutah. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Be sure to check out the Selected Ito Works on RDT’s digital library page. The company performs Ito’s Pavane at the end of the video.

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