Los Machetes

RDT Dance Jaclyn Brown shares Mexican Stick Dance called Los Machetes as part of our World Folk Dance series.


First Time

  • Counter clockwise circle, clap for 2 sets of 8cts walking.
  • 2 sets of 8cts clapping and walking clockwise.
  • Face a partner, clap over right leg, then under right leg. 4 alternating air high fives
  • Repeat above 3 more times.
  • Paddle turn right with right arm above head for 7cts, air high five right arms on count 8. Repeat to left side.
  • Repeat above once.

Second Time

  • Clapping walks can change levels, high and low.
  • Half turns on the clap over and under the legs.
  • Paddle turns are the same.

Third Time

  • Clapping is more improvisational. You can twist, walk backwards, circle, barrel turn whilst clapping, etc.
  • Men just on over and under claps, women twirl with “skirts”
  • Paddle turns are the same.

Last time circling, regular walk/clap counter clockwise for 2 sets of 8 cts.
Switch to counter clockwise and jog/clap for 2 sets of 8 cts.
Face in towards the circle and 3 claps to a big pose to finish.

Feel free to share these videos, embed them for your students, or link to this page. New online educational resources are being developed every day. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see let us know: rdt@rdtutah.org.

Jaclyn Brown is originally from Roosevelt, Utah. Jaclyn hails from Utah Valley University’s (UVU) BFA Modern Dance program, where she performed with Contemporary Dance Ensemble, the department’s pre-professional modern performing group, and also choreographed and performed for Synergy Dance Company. Outside of RDT, Jaclyn performs with Monica Campbell & Dancers. As a member of these companies, Jaclyn has worked with nationally recognized artists, such as, Susan Hadley, Damon Rago, John Allen, Doris Hudson de Trujillo, Jennifer Huffman, Omar Olivas, and Mike Esperanza. Beyond her local training, Jaclyn also traveled to Spain for a study abroad in dance (2010). She also appeared in Alex Boye’s music video “Merci Bon Dieu.” Jaclyn was also honored to first perform for Repertory Dance Theatre as a guest artist in “Commonplace” (2013). Jaclyn is thrilled to be joining the company for her sixth season and would like to thank her husband, family, and friends for their unwavering support.

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