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Major Gifts

RDT's Major Gift Donors

Join RDT's Major Gift Donors by donating a minimum of $1,000 to RDT.

We want every business sector of our amazing community to be represented in what's been called the "2nd Act" of Salt Lake and the Beehive State: a creative renaissance that includes not only dance, but architecture, design, technology, music, literature and visual art. RDT is a pillar of this communal, creative transformation.

Already made a donation to RDT? Add an additional donation, including in scheduled increments, totaling $1,000+ within a single 12-month period, and join this select group of RDT stakeholders.

You can donate by clicking below, sending us a check, or calling 801-534-1000.

Become a Major Donor


Our Major Gift Donors

Please join us in thanking the donors listed below who have made a donation at the level of $1000 or above.

Barbara & Joe Andrade

Jan W. Cendese

Nicholas Cendese & Nathan Shaw

Julianna Facelli & Jonathan Vaas

    Lili & Ira Field

    Andrea & James Golding

    Francisco Gella & Jeffrey Hoffman

    Joan & Francis Hanson

    Dr. Richard & Helene Jaffe

    Sharon & Robert Kain

    Barbara J. Lewis

    Gay Gallivan McDonough

    Jeffrey Paris

    Richard L. Rowsell & Ronald L. Harrington

    Linda C. Smith & Ivan Weber

    Alice & Kevin Steiner

    Karen & Cecil Thompson

    Lynne Wimmer

    Connie Jo Hepworth-Woolston & Art Woolston