Matter with Lynne

Lynne explores science with movement through the subject of matter.

Science Standards
PS1.A Standard 2.3.3: Develop and use a model to describe how an object, made of a small set of pieces, can be disassembled and re-shaped into a new object with a different function.
PS1.A Standard 5.2.1: Develop and use a model to describe that matter is made of particles on a scale that istoo small to be seen.
PS1.A Standard 5.2.2: Ask questions to plan and carry out investigations to identify substances based onpatterns of their properties.

Warm Up:

Have the students walk quickly through the space without touching one another, then slow the speed to a medium speed, then to very slow. Try the same with running or any other action word the students can think of to try.


Discuss the three states of matter with the students, Solid, Liquid and Gas. Then using the space of the room, or marks on the floor, select a small space and have all the students get inside that space. Then using the characteristics of a solid have them move extremely slow close together, making a solid. There should be levels, and volume as they attempt to fill the space. Repeat with a slightly larger space and this time, they will represent a liquid. The movements will be a medium speed, there will be levels and they will be a little further apart from one another and moving to fill up the space at all levels. Repeat a third time with the largest space. This time they will represent a gas. The movements will be very fast, they students will be far from one another attempting to fill the space at all levels.


Have the students show a physical reaction in movement. Water freezing, then melting. Or pouring acetone on a Styrofoam cup. These are experiments that are being done in their classrooms. Have them recreate them in movement. What happens when substances mix? Try creating some with movement and showing the results to the class.

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Lynne Larson received a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University and a MFA in Dance from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She danced professionally with Martita Goshen’s Earthworks, Repertory Dance Theatre, SBDance and Koester & Dancers. In 2007, she was named Education Director for Repertory Dance Theatre, and in 2014, Artistic Associate as well. She coordinates all arts-in-education activities for RDT, directs RDT’s annual Summerdance and Winterdance Workshops, High School and Young Dancer Summer Workshops, rehearsal directs numerous pieces in the RDT repertory and assists in artistic long range planning for the company. Lynne is an accomplished teacher of students K-professional in creative movement and modern dance. She has been a presenter for the last four years at Utah State Board of Education’s Secondary and Elementary Annual Physical Education Conferences. Lynne is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah in the School of Dance for the Teaching Methods/Pedagogy Elementary Education Classes. In 2019, she was named Dance Educator of the Year by UDEO for the Professional/Private Sector.

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