Movements of the Moon and Sun with Lynne

Join Lynne as she explores the movements of our solar system through dance.

Science Standard
ESS1.A Standard 1.1.1: Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the movement ofthe Sun, Moon, and stars to describe predictable patterns.

Warm Up:

Begin the warm-up with simple instructions of rising and setting. Could the body rise in one ar-ea of the space, travel across the room and set in another. Practice this a few times with the students cre-ating different traveling ways with each rise and set.


Guide the students through shaping and movements that are straight, angular (zig-zag) and curved. Instruct them to create a straight shape at a high level, curved at medium and angular at low level and memorize each. Then transition from one to the other as slow as possible, then as fast as possible. Discuss the phases of the moon. Have the students create shapes in their bodies that correspond to each moon phase, using the curves, angles and straight lines that were explored in the warm-up. Can then move slowly from one phase to the next, what about fast?


Divide the students into groups of four or five. Assign each one a different phase of the moon and have them create a group shape that corresponds to their phase. Show these to one another. Then put a sun and earth in the center of the space and have the phases rotate around them positioning them in their phase rotation. Students can dance to the spot and away to show their shapes.

Lynne Larson received a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University and a MFA in Dance from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She danced professionally with Martita Goshen’s Earthworks, Repertory Dance Theatre, SBDance and Koester & Dancers. In 2007, she was named Education Director for Repertory Dance Theatre, and in 2014, Artistic Associate as well. She coordinates all arts-in-education activities for RDT, directs RDT’s annual Summerdance and Winterdance Workshops, High School and Young Dancer Summer Workshops, rehearsal directs numerous pieces in the RDT repertory and assists in artistic long range planning for the company. Lynne is an accomplished teacher of students K-professional in creative movement and modern dance. She has been a presenter for the last four years at Utah State Board of Education’s Secondary and Elementary Annual Physical Education Conferences. Lynne is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah in the School of Dance for the Teaching Methods/Pedagogy Elementary Education Classes. In 2019, she was named Dance Educator of the Year by UDEO for the Professional/Private Sector.

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