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We honor the 2021 celebration of Black History Month by highlighting and sharing the choreography of four Black artists that were commissioned under RDT’s Manifest Diversity Initiative.

Next, we share the dynamic work of Natosha Washington.

Natosha Washington has been a choreographer and director her entire life, but professionally since 2004, after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Modern Dance. She created Say Their Names, part 1 for RDT’s SPIRIT performance in October 2018.

Discover more about Natosha Washington by visiting her HERE.

Say Their Names (part I)

Choreography: Natosha Washington
Music: Max Richter-Sarajevo, Luca D’ Alberto-Consequences
Costumes: Natosha Washington
Performance: RDT Company with Megan O’Brien

View the full video for educational purposes HERE

As a student, Natosha’s work House of Timothy was selected to be showcased in the National College Dance Festival at the Kennedy Center. It went on to receive the Best Performance award and was featured in Dance Magazine.

Originally from the south but now living in Utah, Washington is a highly sought-after choreographer, educator, performer, and speaker. As a voluptuous black woman raised in an LDS southern family, making her way in a white dance community, she has a multifaceted lens; she negotiates stereotyping, privilege, and identity every day in her work and loves the challenge the issues present. Ms. Washington is a talented community leader and facilitator. She recognizes that art is only as strong as the community it serves.

Repertory Dance Theatre believes that all peoples, their cultures, and their art contribute to the meaning and understanding of our humanity and should be honored and celebrated.

RDT firmly stands against racism in all forms. We, as a Company, denounce racism, bigotry, and intolerance in our state and across the nation. We are committed to learning, growing, and listening as we work toward a more equitable world for all.

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