SHAPE Lesson 2 – Creating Movement from Spots



Creating Movement from Spots

Grade 1-2

Lynne Larson

Utah State Standards Fine Arts: Create, Perform, Respond

PE Standards: Strand 1, Strand 2, Strand 4


Learning/Language Objectives: Using visual aide to springboard movement, investigation of levels (high, medium, low), investigation of size (small, medium, big). Straight, zig-zag and intersecting pathways. Dance Element—Space


Materials Needed: 600 Black Spots by David A. Carter, drum, music


Introduction: Class expectations (Good listening, following directions, be creative, be active), Space boundaries, personal boundaries, goals for class today


Warm-up: Using verbs (locomotor movements) such as jump, run, hop, gallop, skip, etc. have the students begin to explore the space, not bumping into others and keeping within the spatial boundaries of the room. Practice a FREEZE of the whole body between actions.


Investigate: Show the students the 2nd pop-up in the 600 Black Spots book. Ask them to describe what they see in the picture.  The spots are different sizes! Small, Medium and Big. Ask them to show you a small jump, a medium jump and then the biggest jump.  Repeat this with different action words.  Have the students suggest some.  Then show them the pop-up one more time.  Do they notice anything else?  The spots are all at different heights or levels!  High, medium and low.  Go back to the action of jumping and ask the students to jump very low to the ground, very high in the air and somewhere in the middle.  Repeat with different action words.


Create: With a partner, have the students create a series of movement that goes from small to big and one that goes from high to low.  Select a different action for each spatial exploration.  One for size and a different action for Levels.


Reflect: Have the students perform their patterns for the group.  Have the audience notice the differences in size and level in each group.


Extension to the Lesson: Show the students the pop-up one more time.  This time have them focus on the way the dots are all connected.  With straight lines and zig-zag lines.  These are pathways.  What ways could you travel from one spot to another?

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