SHAPE Lesson 5 – Geometric Shapes



Geometric Shapes


Lynne Larson

Utah State Standards Fine Arts: Create, Perform, Respond

PE Standards: Strand 1, Strand 2, Strand 3


Learning/Language Objectives: Exploration of shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc.) working alone and with a partner, levels (high, medium, low), pathways in space (straight, curved, zig-zag), how different body parts move


Materials Needed: Music, drum,


Introduction: Class expectations (Good listening, following directions, be creative, be active), Space boundaries, personal boundaries, goals for class today


Warm-up: Ask students to make a circle with their arms, their legs, one arm and one leg, their whole bodies.  Repeat with other geometric shapes.  Find a partner and make a circle with your partner.  Can you make a circle on the ground, in the air, sideways?


Investigate: Without partners, have students walk a circle pathway on the floor.  Can they walk in big circles, in little circles? Could they skip those same circle paths?  What other ways could you move and travel on a circle pathway: hop, slide, gallop? Repeat this idea with different geo metric shapes.


Create: Ask the students to show movements in the body that are made of straight lines only.  Play some music and have them move around the space in different levels, using straight line movement.  Repeat with circular and angular movements.


Create: With a partner have students, create a surprise shape to show the class.  This can be repeated a few times adding different levels and using different body parts and facings.


Expansion to the Lesson: With a partner shape from above, instruct students to move away from each other for 8 beats of the drum and back together for 8 beats of the drum.  Can they find their same shape?  Can they find their home base?  Repeat with different numbers of beats of the drum or different shapes.



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