SHAPE Lesson 6 – Fractions, Rhythm and Movement



Fractions, Rhythm and Movement

Grades 4, 5, 6

Lynne Larson

Utah State Standards Fine Arts: Create, Perform, Respond

PE Standards: Strand 1, Strand 2. Strand 5


Leaning Objectives: Dance Elements Time and Space, Using fractions in rhythm, Using fractions in the dance space, Verbs, Patterns, Collaboration, Creative Thinking, Teamwork


Materials Needed: Fraction cards, a large space, Verb Cards, music with a steady beat


Instructions: Class expectations (Good listening, following directions, be creative, be active), Space boundaries, personal boundaries, goals for class today


Warm-Up: Ask students to define a beat.  Explain the division of a beat; whole note, !/2 note, 1/4 note, 1/16 note. Direct students to walk in the space on the different parts of the beat.  Whole note = 1 step, 1/2 note = 2 steps, 1/4 note = 4 steps, 1/16 note = 8 steps.  The walking will gradually increase in speed as the notes get smaller.  Try the same thing with a different action. Try with music.


Investigation: Have a student select a fraction card. For example 1/3, indicate where 1/3 of the room would be.  Have all students gather in 1/3 of the space.  Tell them this is the space where you will be moving.  Select 4 action cards. The first action card will be done in whole note, the 2nd action card in 1/2 notes, the 3rd action card in 1/4 notes and the final action card in 1/16 notes.  Practice this with the drum in the 1/3 space area.  Direct students to try an get to show use of the entire 1/3 spatial area. Try with the drum then try with music.


Create: Divide students into groups of 3 or 4. Give each group a fraction card.  This is the amount of the space they will need to use during their 4 movements.  Give each group 4 action cards.  Instruct them to use the 1st card for whole notes, the 2nd card for 1/2 notes, the 3rd card for 1/4 notes and the 4th card for 1/16 notes.  Give them 3 minutes to work out their movements and space.


Reflect: Have students perform their patterns.  Audience looking for fraction of space used and what actions group used for their divisions of the beat.


Extension to the Lesson: Divide the space by height: high, medium, low and very low.  Add these heights to the action cards of the different rhythms.




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