Total Body Connectivity Patterns for Yoga

Bartenieff Fundamentals are a set of principles for “corrective body movement”[1] developed by Irmgard Bartenieff, who studied with Rudolf Laban and colleagues in Germany (1925). After coming to the United States in the 1940s and becoming a physical therapist, Bartenieff developed the method in the form of a set of exercises, based on concepts and principles of kinesiological functioning, that can be extended into all types of movement possibilities. Bartenieff in developing this work fused her studies in both Laban movement analysis with Physiotherapeutic principles and the influence of both is a strong component of the Fundamentals.

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Jaclyn (Jackie) Brown is originally from Roosevelt, UT. She graduated cum laude from Utah Valley University with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance. During her time at UVU, Jaclyn worked extensively with Repertory Dance Theatre alum Angela Banchero-Kelleher. Upon graduating she received both the Dean’s Choice Award and Award of Merit for the School of the Arts. She currently serves as an Executive Leader of Dance in the UVU School of the Arts Alumni Chapter. During her years with RDT, Jaclyn has been privileged to work with choreographers such as Danielle Agami, Nina Watt, Zvi Gotheiner, and Bebe Miller. She enjoys the opportunities she has had to help restage past work on the company and act as a temporary rehearsal director. Jaclyn is also a certified personal trainer and enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She looks forward to a long career in the field of dance, and thanks RDT for creating a wonderful environment that fosters creativity.

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