VOYAGE… A multi-cultural dance journey.

You can access the VOYAGE study guide with supplemental material and lesson plans by clicking here!.


American Modern Dance is a rich tapestry of music and movement which has been influenced by cultures worldwide.  VOYAGE is a narrated performance that will help audiences understand how dance has been part of community life as a form of communication, empowerment and entertainment for centuries. Rhythms and patterns gathered from African, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.A. will connect the past with the present to illustrate how dance can document history and culture and tell our collective story.

Executive/Artistic Director: Linda C. Smith

Artistic Associates: Lynne Larson, Nicholas Cendese

RDT Dancers: Jaclyn Brown, Lauren Curley, Trung “Daniel” Do, Dan Higgins, Elle Johansen, Jonathan Kim, Tyler Orcutt, Ursula Perry Lighting: Pilar I.

VOYAGE Choreography includes:

Dabke (excerpt) by Zvi Gotheiner

African Dance by Rosie Banchero

Warrior and Pizzicati by Michio Ito

Scarf Exercises and Waltz a la Loie by Ruth St Denis  

East Indian Dance by Raksha Karpoor

Los Machetes staged by Michael Hamblin      

Mazurkas (excerpt) by José Limón  

Lindy Hop by Elaine Grenko

Steppin’ by Natosha Washington,  

Opus Jazz Loves Bach by Matt Mattox

Hip Hop by Justin Bass  

Chairs (excerpt) by Zvi Gotheiner

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