Landscape Lesson Plan

Any landscape artist knows that there are certain techniques they can use to create space on a flat surface.  These lesson plan ideas explore these techniques with movement. An artist can use a winding path, like a river or stream that winds from the foreground to background can make the viewer believe that the picture […]



LAND and Landscape Art 1

  Watching the RDT dancers bring the choreography of LAND to life has been has been like seeing a desert touched by water for the first time in months. New connections in movement are made, difficult steps become easy, and each dancer’s awareness grows as they reach out physically and mentally to the other dancers […]

Love UT Give UT 1

LOVE UT GIVE UT March 20, 2014 Since 1966 Repertory Dance Theatre Has Been Telling America’s Story Through dance. The story is still being told. That’s why contemporary works by living choreographers make up more than 60% of RDT’s current collection of dances. We hope you’ll join us online on March 20, 2014 as part […]



RDT’s Best of 2013

I asked some of the RDT staff, dancers, and audience members to share their favorite moments from the past year.  Here they are in no particular order. MISSA BREVIS from Nicholas Cendese (RDT Assistant Artistic Director) Everyone was challenged and pushed to their limits learning the Limon masterpiece Missa Brevis.  Five grueling weeks stripped the […]


Year In Review 2012-2013

I’ve been working on a year-end report for our 47th season 2012-2013.  It’s been fun to see, in concrete terms, how we effect and reach people throughout the year.  Here are some statistic… 4 home season concerts (9 public performances) at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Complex in Salt Lake City, UT (October, November 2012; […]