Arts-In-Education Services

Below are the services available for Utah schools. To book any services or to learn more, please email

Lecture Demonstrations

Suitable for the entire school (50 minutes)

A narrated performance that focuses on the history of dance, the choreographic process, and the art of improvisation. The demonstration gives the audience insight into how to watch, appreciate and even create dances. Students see professional excellence that offers a unique artistic perspective of the world. RDT performs and discusses repertory spanning one hundred years of American Modern Dance.

Movement Classes

Designed for one class at a time / grade-level specific
(Approx. 45 min.)

The movement explorations are designed to develop awareness that the body can be used as an instrument of self-expression.

Movement classes offer information that helps students build strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and awareness while developing an understanding
of the elements of dance — Time, Space, Shape and Energy.

Classes help students:

  • feel self-worth
  • develop talents and self-confidence
  • provide alternative ways to learn and achieve basic educational objectives
  • allow all participants the freedom to explore their own physical and creative potential in a non-competitive environment.

Classes promote life-long learning skills and help students discover ways to solve problems through teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.

Professional Development Workshops

For teachers (1-2 hr.)

In-Service workshops offer teachers a better understanding of the Core Dance Standards, build their confidence level and help them acquire new skills to be successful in teaching the Dance Core in their classroom.

Through mentoring, RDT helps teachers understand that dance is essential in the life of a healthy, productive society and that experiences in creative dance develop complex thinking skills, effective communication and collaboration.

Teachers will explore lesson plans, study guides, create movement together and be inspired to include movement in their teaching styles.

In-Depth Residencies

For select public elementary schools in the Salt Lake Valley

Each school chooses what type of residency they receive which includes multiple creative movement classes, a lecture demonstration, and a Professional Development Teacher Workshop.

In-Depth residencies offer students, faculty, and administrators the opportunity to successfully implement the Dance Core Standards into the school.

Students and teachers receive a greater understanding of how the body moves, stays healthy and fit, and challenges their creative thinking, creative problem solving, cooperating, teamwork and communication skills.

In-Depth residencies provide teachers
and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain dance as a teaching tool in the classrooms.

Contact for possible residency options.

Choreographic Residencies

Junior High / Senior High dance companies/ classes

RDT Dancers are skilled choreographers who serve Jr and Senior high school dance students by working creatively to develop choreography and expand performance skills through technique classes.

RDT professionals also offer information about career development in dance performance, administration, theater production and teaching.

The Heritage Project

Activities Include:

  • 8 Choreography Classes to create an original piece centered around the theme of Heritage
  • Performance of this piece at the school’s annual dance concert.
  • Students attend a matinee performance of Repertory Dance Theatre at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts center
  • Performance of their piece at a Heritage Concert at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, in the Spring, featuring all schools that were involved in the Heritage Project.

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