By The Snake (2014) – Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof

Repertory Dance Theatre’s Ursula Perry and Efren Corado Garcia in Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof’s BY THE SNAKE, a 2014 commission by RDT that premiered in October in Salt Lake City.

Commissioned by RDT in 2014

Choreography: Noa Zuk

Sound Score: Ohad Fishof

Costumes: Eugene Tachinni

Cast: Justin Bass, Lauren Curley, Efren Corado Garcia, Dan Higgins, Ursula Perry, Lacie Scott

Note: By The Snake deconstructs the roles and routines of couples dance forms to create a work that reflects a different social order. Zuk says, “I wanted to fabricate a folk dance. I wanted to invent a new kind of social dance with a strong sense of ritual and tradition but with different forms and values. I took ideas and conventions from the different traditions of dancing in couples and developed a new world from it.”

Sponsored in part by the John & Marcia Price Family Foundation
Soundtrack commissioned by The Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation

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