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Choreography by Constance Anderson


Interview with Constance Anderson


Constance Anderson received her BA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and is a current MFA Graduate candidate at the University of Utah. She has danced with the Li Chiao Ping Dance Company and made solo freelance work with artists such as the musicians in, and as a choreographer for the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point’s theatre department. She has performed all over the country and for many different choreographers, such as Alice Gosti, Wade Madsen, Eddy Ocampo, Max Pollak, Michael Estanich, Joan Karlen, Jeannie Hill, and currently Li Chiao Ping. The choreography has included site specific, durational, repertoire based, and new works. In addition, she has created several of her own pieces which have been shown in various venues and have been fully produced. At the University of Wisconsin Symposium, she presented a seminar entitled “Choreography as a Form of Phenomenology: Communicating through Experience-Choreography, Performance and Philosophy”. At the seminar, she presented her piece “Through the Proscenium Arch” as an example of my thesis. Another aspect of dance that she enjoys is dance on film, as both a dancer and videographer.

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