Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin




Born in the “Charm City” of Baltimore, Dee-Dee has been delighting audiences with her mixture of jazz standards, R&B, soul and funk for a quarter of a century. While making sweet sounds Dee-Dee also discovered acting writing. She has performed in countless regional theater productions and has collaborated extensively with Plan-B Theatre as an actor, educator, and playwright since 2012.” Dee-Dee discovered her love of jazz while performing to sold out shows in the lead role in Lady Day At Emerson’s Bar and Grill for Pygmalion Theater. Folks have been lining up to see her ever since.

Front Row Review glowed “You know how to tell the difference between an extraordinary singer and one who is mediocre? The “ugly” face. You know the kind that Patti and Aretha get when nothing matters in the world (not poise, beauty, makeup, lashes falling off, hair coming undone) except the love affair between artist and song? That is Darby-Duffin. 

Darby is immersive with her audiences and if she recognizes you, she is sure to “call you out” and thank you for your support.   


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