Playground Dance Project

Link Performance Artist
PlayGround Dance Project is a choreographic flash incubator that provides five choreographers and fifteen dancers the opportunity to create new works in under a week. PlayGround supports artistic exploration and promotes risk-taking, collaborative processes, and experimental dancemaking. 
PlayGround is designed to support dance artists local to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, providing them with time, space, and a platform to create and explore. The dancers and choreographers are given only one week, or eight hours, to create five new pieces of work. Join us for a performance of unique works that showcase our dance community’s innovative talent. Let’s play, SLC!
PlayGround was launched in Summer 2023 by Founder and Director, Roxanne Gray, and has become an integral part of our local Salt Lake City community. 
PlayGround’s mission also promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability in our local dance community by providing free resources and experiences. Follow us at @playground_danceproject to find out more!


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