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Rebekah Joann Guerra Interview


 Rebekah JoAnn Guerra is a dance-maker based in Salt Lake City, Utah, staging original choreography that reflects the fragility and force of the human condition by repurposing the stage as a playground of human contradictions, inner dramaturgy, and domestic politics. Since 2020 Guerra has been working as a freelance artist within the greater Los Angeles area. Her choreography and films have been presented at the Lift-Off Film Festival-Paris; Inland Empire Dance Festival, Long Beach Black Dance Festival; ModCollective in Brooklyn, NY; Bond Performance Festival-Hong Kong; and Stomping Ground-Los Angeles. She has performed works by artists such as Sofia Olga Carreras, Roya Carreras, Sue Roginski, Stephanie Zaletel, Byungyu Kim, Kenneth Walker, Bobbi Jene Smith & Or Schraiber, Sidra Bell, and Mason Cummings. Presently, She is a ballet instructor and an MFA Recipient in the Ballet Program at the University of Utah. 

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