Rick Rowsell



Rick Rowsell graduated from the University of Utah in 1966 where he was mentored in dance by faculty professors Joan Woodbury and Shirley Ririe. He was then invited to become a founding member of RDT, dancing from 1966-1970. After leaving RDT, he went directly to the theater department at Yale University and received an MFA in design in 1973.  Rick moved to NYC and worked as a watch designer where, among other companies, he designed character watches for Disney, Barbie, Sesame Street, Lucasfilm … and many more.  He managed the art department for Disney’s licensing division for two years, and then developed his own character art supply studio where, with a stable of more than 25 talented artists, he supplied character art, mostly Disney, for products to many different manufacturing licensees.  He left NYC in the early 2000s to live full-time in upstate New York, where he now exists in happy retirement with his husband, Ron Harrington.


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