Tablado Flamenco

Ring Around the Rose performer


Tablado Dance Company

Founded in 2001 by Solange Gomes (principle dancer, artistic director and choreographer), Tablado Dance Company is a performance ensemble dedicated to sharing its passion for the dance, music and culture of Spain and is known for maintaining the ethnic richness of flamenco.

The mission of Tablado Dance Company is to create a diverse theatrical body of performance through music and dance that expresses a rigorous, spell-binding aesthetic in the form of flamenco. Striving for the highest artistic expectations, the company captivates its audiences through its live performances and evokes in them the vivid and expansive sea of passion and emotion that is flamenco. Through its educational outreach programs of baile (dance), cante (song) and toque (guitar), Tablado is recognized for its excellent curriculum, constantly seeking to educate and enlighten persons of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds regarding the authentic form of flamenco.

The company combines the vigor and passion of a traditional Flamenco with the vitality of the modern style through unique arrangements made by this authentic ‘cuadro flamenco’. Tablado’s concerts blend traditional aesthetics with compatible contemporary innovations creating experiences that connect to your heart.


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