African Drums

September 11, 2021



Learn some new dance moves and pick up a new beat in our most hands-on show of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the theatre safely.
  • Seating will be limited to 50% capacity to account for social distancing. Seating is general admission. Please make sure to seat your family with plenty of space between others.
  • Masks will be required for all audience members over the age of 2
  • We will continue to monitor and protocols are subject to change.
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Bret was trained in the renowned dance and percussion school in Congo, Generations Loketo. This is where he learned Congolese artistic techniques and was instilled with the powerful spirit of the Congo. For him, dance is a belief of connection with yourself, healing yourself, and connecting with the whole. Finding a connection with your mind to your body and the individuals sharing space to be witnessed. Dance is an expression of feeling whether it be the music or the emotions of life. When we dance for connection, we experience more oneness and precision of movement.  Bret has been involved with many dance companies, including: 

  • Ballet Fifi Lokole Etape 2 (Congo) 
  • Ballet Congolais Etape 2 (Congo) 
  • Africa Tambours (Congo) 
  • Ballet du CHU Brazzaville (Congo) 
  • Bitezo Bia Kongo (California) 
  • Ngoma Za Kongo- This is the company that took him all over the world, and now to the United States of America, where he has resumed his professional career as a teacher of African dance and percussion
David Herrmann – Drummer
David Herrmann has been an enthusiastic student of rhythms from West and North Africa for over 20 years.  He currently serves as Lead Musician for WOFA Dance SLC and has previously performed with Africa Heartwood Project and Akoma Drum.  He frequently brings his experience and drum collection to facilitated rhythm circles at festivals and private events.  
Natalia Washington – Dancer
Natalia Washington is an academic philosopher at the University of Utah. She was introduced to dance forms from Africa and the African Diaspora in college under Chis Walker, Professor of Dance at the University of Wisconsin Madison, and choreographer for the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. It’s been a long time since she’s been able to dance and she’s grateful for WOFA and the dance and drum community in SLC.
Victoria Wall – Drummer
Victoria wall has studied both west African and Congolese drumming for well over ten years. She has studied with many different teachers as well as attended many drumming conferences.  She plays the djembe, dunun drums, ingoma drum, and a full drum set. 
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