Prime Performance

Saturdays, April 22-June 17, 2023


Teaching Artist
Repertory Dance Theatre Presents:


An extension of RDT's Prime Movement for dancers 55+
Saturdays, April 22-June 17, 2023
10:45 am - 12:45 pm
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
Performance opportunities at Utah Arts Festival & RDT's November concert
Prime Performance 2023 will use poetry as a portal to find rhythms, themes, movement improvisation, structural formats, and original choreography culminating in a public performance - both at the Utah Arts Festival in June 2023 and as part of RDT's November concert. Led by teaching and dance artist Meghan Durham Wall, this unique opportunity offers Prime Movers the opportunity to connect, express, and generate ideas in a new setting. Prime Performance will be open to anyone (ages 55+) who wishes to experience and expose the profound knowledge, resilience, and rejuvenation older bodies can share through creative expression, performance preparation, and formal public presentation. No prior dance experience will be necessary to participate in Prime Performance, only a curiosity and willingness to use the human body as an artistic tool.
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