RDT’s Link Series presents THE WOODS DANCE PROJECT

June 5-6 + 8, 2024


RDT's Link Series presents


June 5-6 + 8, 2024 | 7:30 PM

Nichele Woods presents the premiere production of The Woods Dance Project—a new project-based dance company committed to supporting equity and career sustainability for contemporary dance artists in Salt Lake City. With the support of the Salt Lake City Arts Council, the evening will feature five exceptional local dance artists, with guests from UVU’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble opening the evening’s performance on opening night.

The evening features two premieres. Volcano, performed by Natalie Border and RDT dance artist Jonathan Kim, is a meditation on the potential inside of quietude. The duet draws from improvisation and a simmering approach to composing choreography. The work asks how repetition offers opportunities for reflection, and what happens when we try not to tackle a “problem” to make it better but rather sit with it and remain curious. It also considers what learned gender roles emerge through contact work and how dancing in contact with another can offer opportunities to reflect upon the roles that we play in relationship to others and ourselves. This work emerged from a gentle place and a desire to accept what is.

Following the duet, a new quintet serves as the evening’s main dish. Woods pushes her Postmodern and Release-style aesthetics into the surreal as she muses upon the space between our private and public lives. To present dance is, for Woods, a public expression of her personal, internal world. Woods is bracing herself for the unknown in this process as the artists together explore the space and tension between these very real though subjective, unique yet shared realities.


Nichele has been publicly presenting her private world of choreography since 2013. Her dances often chew on questions of power and vulnerability. She tends to partnerships—to the sharing of momentum, weight, and risk—that are grounded in the focus of an internal, present experience. To this end, her creative process aims to create a space and framework in which the dancers can have an honest experience that is informed by their lived and living histories. Rigorous and complex choreography layers atop sensorial physical vocabulary to create a rich and dynamic journey for audience members and dancers alike.

Banner image by Simon Zivny

The Woods Dance Project is raising funds for this production on Kickstarter. Every bit of funding will make a difference. Donate today!

RDT’s LINK Series is an outreach program offering independent choreographers the opportunity to present their work in performance. RDT provides infrastructure and advisory support for production and marketing while allowing the choreographer to retain artistic autonomy.

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