Regalia 2021

RDT's Annual Fundraiser & Choreographer Competition | February 22-27



Your favorite RDT annual event is a whole new adventure this year! WE'VE GONE VIRTUAL.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first-ever VIRTUAL REGALIA! We'd love to hear your thoughts. Fill out the survey below and be entered to win tickets to our next showHOMAGE.


Replay of REGALIA LIVE on February 27

View the Choreography

Kaley Pruitt Interview
Kaley Pruitt: ``Seeing Wider Still``
Ruby Cabbell Interview
Ruby Cabbell: ``6 Ft. Apart``
Anne Marie Robson Smock Interview
Anne Marie Robson Smock: ``two cities, seven pm, april thirteenth twenty twenty``
Lauren Simpson Interview
Lauren Simpson ``Sundial``

"Few dance companies in the U.S. would take the audacious path of holding a choreographer’s competition in which the audience determines the winner with the prize of a commission for a composition to premiere in the company’s next season. However, the format of Regalia, the largest fundraising event each year for Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT), has proven to be a winner, capped by consistently excellent premieres of new work in the following seasons."

Les Roka / The Utah Review

"I come almost every year. I sort of miss the hilarity from when it was kind of a fake contest, but I do like that it's a real prize for the winner, and I like coming back to see the final work."

Attendee / Regalia 2020


Former Winners

Justin Bass
Nancy Simpson Carter
Bryn Cohn
Nichele Van Portfleet
Andy Noble
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