Saturday Workshop with Eric Handman


The Saturday Workshop - Eric Handman
May 6, 2023 | 1:00-3:00 pm
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center | West Studio
Early bird pricing until May 1 - $15

No one has yet determined what the body can do. – Baruch Spinoza

We will prepare for action through an evolving hybrid of ideas informed by tai chi, qi gong, aikido, contact improvisation, gaga, functional fitness, Bartennieff Movement Fundamentals and various eclectic and idiosyncratic contemporary dance forms. We will practice moving across the floor with volume, clarity and efficiency -- and test the power of momentum, centrifugal force and leverage, primarily by exploring details of floorwork and flow.

Goals of this class include: moving in and out of the floor with efficiency; regenerating momentum over the course of a dance phrase;  traversing space with power, ease, clarity, dynamism, flow, presence and intention; identifying extraneous holding patterns and areas of muscular tension through motion; dancing three-dimensionally and experiencing the synergy of power and ease through coordination.

Please dress for warmth, protection, mobility and clarity. Kneepads and socks are highly recommended.

    • 1:00-3:00 pm
    • Early Bird - available until May 1
    • $15 .00
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