Saturday Workshop with Mitsu Salmon

May 20, 2023 | 1-3 pm


The Saturday Workshop - Mitsu Salmon
May 20, 2023 | 1:00-3:00 pm
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center | West Studio
Early bird pricing until May 15 - $15

This workshop will draw from Butoh, contemporary dance, and experimental theater, exploring the connection with the body, unconscious, and expression. Butoh began in 1960s Japan as a new dance-theater form created by collaborations between Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno and has since become a global phenomenon. This course draws from Butoh training through guided imagery, movement, and structured improvisation. The exercises pull from nature, the mythical, and the unconscious as sources of inspiration. The work delves into both the inner landscape and as well as group dynamics through rituals and play. As well as studying the practice of Butoh, students will also be introduced to the cultural and philosophical aspects of the artform. Students are welcome to modify exercises based on their imaginations and interests. All levels are welcome, and please wear comfortable clothing.

    • 1:00-3:00 pm
    • Early Bird - available until May 1
    • $15 .00
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