Women’s History Month

Repertory Dance Theatre relishes the diversity of thought and action. Women’s History Month is an opportunity for this company and all our patrons to reflect on many of the amazing and influential women in the history of dance. From pioneers and revolutionaries to modern paradigms, women have molded dance into what we enjoy today.

Modern Dance began as a social revolution. It began as a means of “self-expression.” It was a rejection of the academic and embraced “natural movement.” Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Loie Fuller were three famous “movement reformers” who began as soloists (unusual for the day). Their dance was an affirmation of women. They used music as a motivation for movement.


For 2022, we are celebrating one of the pioneers of modern dance, Ruth St. Denis. Use the links below to learn more about her.

In 2021 we celebrated a woman who has impacted the dance world by sharing her movement and choreography:

RDT appreciates the generous funding provided by the Utah Legislature and the Utah Board of Education that help make our Arts-in-Education Programs possible in Utah's Public Schools.

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