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Repertory Dance Theatre uses dance as a way to help people become more connected, compassionate, aware, inspired, original, focused, courageous, passionate, and human.

Since its founding in 1966, RDT’s commitment to Arts-in-Education has created award-winning activities: Performances, Lecture Demonstrations, Workshops, Classes, and Mentoring opportunities that inspire tens of thousands of students and teachers each year. Curriculum material relating to history, music, art, and the environment help students make stimulating and valuable connections, enabling them to appreciate and understand the world.

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RDT's Arts-in-Education Goals
  • To provide alternative ways of learning in order to achieve basic educational objectives such as concentrating, creative problem solving, planning, visualizing, and conceptualizing.
  • To develop skills and insights needed for emotional maturity and social effectiveness – sharing, cooperating, integrating and interacting.
  • To develop an individual’s physical and mental discipline at all levels of ability.
  • To open participants’minds and imaginations by developing tools of communication.
  • To develop feelings of self-worth, confidence, and achievement by giving students and teachers opportunities to explore movement, the art of improvisation, and the creative process.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of American Modern Dance.
  • To deepen the understanding of the relationship between life and art.
  • To develop Life Skills by encouraging good citizenship, by helping students be responsible and to understand their relationship to the other members of their group, family, class, or community.


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Professional Outreach Program in the Schools

RDT is part of the Professional Outreach Program to Schools (POPS) funded by the Utah State Office of Education that enriches the lives of school children in every community in the state.

Matching funds raised in our community give RDT the opportunity to offer schools the artistic programs they need and deserve. Learn more about how you can support Arts-In-The-Schools by calling RDT at (801)534-1000.

POPS Reports

For my students especially, attending a dance performance is often not within their means. This activity allows them to understand the global aspect of dance while learning important theater manners such as dress, attitude, when to applaud, and just general demeanor in the theater. This kind of activity also teaches my kids an appreciation to the higher arts that they don’t necessarily gain from watching videos. Being able to see a body moving through space and utilizing the elements of dance makes my students question what they are actually capable of and pushes them to demand more of themselves.

Teacher, Kearns High School / Granite District

Love the classroom management. It was nice to have a purpose to the lesson and managed well. I felt the time we were with you was very well spent.

Castle Dale Elementary / 2nd grade teacher

"...{the assembly} was so beautifully choreographed and executed. The dancing was gorgeous and the narration kept everyone engaged and kept the flow of the performance right on track. I don't think I've ever enjoyed an assembly more - my class and I left and we've danced every day since!"

Eagle Valley Elementary / Principle

...I can't gush enough about RDT. Their work with our students and teachers was phenomenal, and their performance was so fun and engaging! What a beautiful way to share dance with our students! So many teachers have already commented on how powerful and meaningful the lesson demonstrations were for them.

Elementary School Principle / Las Vegas, NV
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