During our time with RDT, what is your favorite piece you have performed and why? During my six years on the company, I have performed around a hundred dances! Choosing just one of those is very difficult… So I’ll mention a few.  Dabke by Zvi Gotheiner We have a lot of Zvi Gotheiner’s work in our repertory, and dancing “Dabke”

Adjusted and modified for the current at-home situation, join Tyler Orcutt as he teaches and demonstrates a drop swing combination. The music used is Leg Swings by Fat Coda Studios. You can find the track on Apple Music by clicking HERE or on Spotify HERE. Feel free to share these videos, embed them for your students, or link to

Join Lauren Curley for a 30-minute ballet class. She teaches each combination in the series and then performs them with you. All of the music is from David Plumpton's CD Divas for Inspirational Ballet Class. You can find it on Apple Music HERE.

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