Season 58 // 2023-2024


Dance has always been a powerful tool that brings people together in celebration, exploration, and community. Join us for RDT’s 58th season of community building as we develop a variety of ways to support and collaborate with one another. This season, RDT will acknowledge diverse voices and applaud the attributes we share as we also respect our differences.

Our activities, concerts, classes, and workshops will foster connection as we provide a platform and offer a collective space for sharing experiences.

RDT and special guests will create a sense of belonging for audiences and participants alike as we spotlight the unique gifts that artists, organizations, neighborhoods, and communities value. We will recognize the distinctive qualities and abilities of people of all ages… people who bring variety and diversity to our lives as they stimulate our creativity.

RDT’s focus on community, building bridges, and deepening the connections and tethers we have to one another are taking place throughout the season and are reflected in all of RDT’s activities.

In addition to our home season concerts, RDT will continue to offer the following auxiliary programs at the Rose Wagner during the 2023-2024 season:

  • Ring Around the Rose—RDT presents its 26th season of “wiggle-friendly” interactive adventures for children of all ages and families that explore the world of dance, theatre, music, and storytelling. Nine performances are presented in collaboration with local arts groups.
  • RDT’s LINK Performance Series—Emerging local dance artists are provided the opportunity to present new works at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in partnership with RDT. LINK features three to five local groups each year that may not yet have the means or experience to mount a production on their own. Artists and groups included represent a variety of influences, cultures, and dance styles.
  • RDT’s Dance Center on Broadway—entering its 26th year—continues to offer in-person dance classes in a variety of dance genres for community dancers aged 16 and older.
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