Emerge 2025

January 10-11, 2025



January 10-11, 2025

7:30 PM + 2:00 PM on Saturday
Featuring choreography by RDT staff and dancers. A festival of community featuring performers from across the valley who come together to share their creativity and love of movement.
RDT Dancers and staff are working with performers from across the valley.
As part of our mission,  every RDT dancer is given the opportunity to develop their choreographic skills and be able to create work for the many schools and communities we serve. Because of this rich experience, many dancers have gone on to form their own companies or continue their dance careers in academic institutions throughout the country.

Many of the more than 100 RDT alumni have established their own companies or have become international choreographers with many awards, commissions and distinctions of reputations. There is no doubt that legacy will expand with the company’s current corps of dancers.

Les Roka / The Utah Review

One of the most important takeaways from Repertory Dance Theatre’s (RDT) artistic culture is the sincere encouragement its dance artists receive not only as performers but also as choreographers.

Les Roka / The Utah Review
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