Pygmalion Theatre Company

May 11, 2024


May 11, 2024 | 11 am
Black Box Theatre

Tamara Howell, a very experienced drama and music teacher and actor, will lead Ring Around the Rose participants in storytelling through puppets.  The audience will make their own puppets during the session, and discover how these critters can be a vehicle for telling fantastical tales or day-to-day experiences.  In a 100% interactive workshop, you will find out that all you need is some brown paper, masking tape, and an idea to tell an engaging story (paper and tape provided).

Tamara Johnson Howell – Tamara earned her BFA in Theatre and her Master’s Degree in Education.  She is a junior high school theatre teacher who directs her students twice yearly in large-scale shows like SPONGE BOB, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and CATS.  This is no small undertaking as her cast generally include 80 – 100 young actors.   Tamara has worked with PYGmalion many times, most recently in Julie Jensen’s LAST LISTS OF MY MAD MOTHER, MOTHER MOTHER and as the indomitable Bella Abzug in BELLA BELLA.

Level of Audience Participation 0

A fully interactive show that invites the audience members to create their own puppets while learning all about storytelling!

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