Tablado Flamenco

January 11, 2025


January 11, 2025 | 11 am
Black Box Theatre
Directed by Solange Gomes, Tablado Dance Company is a performance ensemble dedicated to sharing the dance, music and culture of Spain and is known for maintaining the ethnic richness of Flamenco captivating audiences through its live performances and evoking in them the vivid and expansive sea of passion and emotion of this art-form.  
This show is an immersion into this beautifully intricated art form that involves singing, dance, and instrumental. Also, it’s an invitation to learn, participate and have fun with the performers on stage. There will be castanets, fans, sombreros, footwork, drama, joy, and palmas!
Level of Audience Participation 0

Audience members will be invited to participate from their seats throughout the performance & everyone will have a chance to come up on stage to try out their own Flamenco moves! Wiggling throughout the show is always welcome!

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