Tablado Flamenco

October 8, 2022


OCTOBER 8, 2022 | 11 am
Black Box Theatre
Experience the movements and rhythms of this Latin-inspired dance with the best Flamenco artists in the state! With dancing, singing, and some incredible live musicians, this phenomenal group has it all!
Experience a juerga flamenca with Tablado Flamenco!juerga is an informal gathering for fun and revelry where people are free to join in creating music. This can include dancing, singing, palmas (handclapping), jaleos (words of encouragement called out to the performers) or simply pounding in rhythm.
Level of Audience Participation 0

Audience members will be invited to participate from their seats throughout the performance & everyone will have a chance to come up on stage to try out their own Flamenco moves! Wiggling throughout the show is always welcome!

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