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Our dancers can do more than dance. EMERGE returns for the fifth season with all-new choreography created by RDT dancers and staff who demonstrate their unique dance-making skills.
Additionally, RDT will premiere the work "Ode to You" by Rebecca Aneloski, the winner of the New Century Dance Project 2019.

Director’s Word

RDT is delighted to again present EMERGE, spotlighting the choreography of RDT dancers and staff. Now in its sixth year, EMERGE is one of the artistic activities that makes our company unique.
Repertory Dance Theatre was founded as a professional dance company that embraced some revolutionary concepts that have continued to guide us for 55 years. As a resource center for performing artists, the company was also founded to nurture the art of choreography and to provide opportunities to emerging artists to develop choreographic skills.
In the 1960s The Rockefeller Foundation believed that the time was right to help create an institution that would preserve the best in modern dance, nurture young choreographers, and develop an appreciation for dance in regions outside the metropolitan areas of the country. The Foundation wanted to develop a creative environment to encourage company members to make their own choreographic statements. The Foundation was curious to see if Western choreographers would have different or unique artistic objectives from those artists working on the east coast. They said, “If one choreographer would emerge from the company, the grant would serve its purpose.”
As part of our mission,  every RDT dancer is given the opportunity to develop their choreographic skills and be able to create work for the many schools and communities we serve. Because of this rich experience, many dancers have gone on to form their own companies or continue their dance careers in academic institutions throughout the country.
It is imperative that we create new work and encourage emerging artists. We are proud to be an institution that does just that.
Thanks to our community partners, RDT is proud to offer all tickets for our Emerald season at 50% off so that ANYONE—regardless of circumstance—can enjoy world-class art and dance in Utah. Outstanding partners like these are committed to helping Utah recover from COVID-19 and agree that art, dance, and movement are essential to helping us heal, recover, and discover what our new normal will look like.

Many of the more than 100 RDT alumni have established their own companies or have become international choreographers with many awards, commissions and distinctions of reputations. There is no doubt that legacy will expand with the company’s current corps of dancers.

Les Roka / The Utah Review

One of the most important takeaways from Repertory Dance Theatre’s (RDT) artistic culture is the sincere encouragement its dance artists receive not only as performers but also as choreographers.

Les Roka / The Utah Review

Photos by Sharon Kain

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