Repertory Dance Theatre

RDT has had a wonderful relationship with Danny Shapiro and Joanie Smith for many, many years.  In a few weeks, RDT’s Brio will showcase an evening of their works spanning the 20+ year relationship we’ve had.  Crowd favorites like Dance with Two Army Blankets and RDT commissions like Turf return to the stage for an evening on athleticism, daring, and adventure.

We sat down with Joanie, and one of her company dancers Scott, last year when they were in town setting JACK.  (Which also returns in Brio.) We  asked them about the legacy of Shapiro & Smith and wanted to revisit their interview.  Take a listen and join us for an evening of Shapiro & Smith masterpieces, November 17-19, 2016.

Jack Interview from RDT on Vimeo.

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