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Event by Bebe Miller

When I heard we would be working with Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof again, I was truly ecstatic. Five years has passed since they last worked with us (2014), and during that initial five week process they developed a new work for the company titled By the Snake. This time around they re-staged a piece from their repertory, Outdoors, that will be performed this October in Salt Lake. 

Tower by Andy Noble

Immediately when they walked into the studio it was as if no time had passed, full embraces and large smiles filled the space as each of us could feel that this process was to become a very special experience. We began right away learning a hearty phrase from Noa’s animalistic movement vocabulary that continually grows in size and dynamics. When I watch and learn from her, I can genuinely say that I find myself a bit speechless at times and in awe at how quickly and precisely she articulates her body from one quality to another.

The same can be said about Ohad and his musical capabilities. For example, the entirety of the new work is developed around the exploration and exhaustion of how the body can relate to one specific rhythmic phrase of music. Together, they create a creative duo and just when you think they can no longer surprise you, there you are sitting amazed at the composition in front of you.

Theatre by Danielle Agami

One particular thing I really value about the both of them is how they direct the studio. I am not sure that I have come across another scenario in which I was pushed, challenged, accepted, valued, corrected and supported, seemingly stemming from a place of appreciation and love. Furthermore, the two never seemed to allow a “misunderstood moment” to enshroud the work space with a despotism that at times can be detrimental to the overall environment. Even when notes weren’t received promptly or qualities were lagging, they simply were encouraging and patient.  Personally, this is one of the many reasons they are two of my favorite guest artists we have had the pleasure of working with.

Jack by Joanie Smith

A joy I find over and over again as a company member with RDT is the consistency of diverse artists that walk through that door in any given year. It is what helps us grow and become well rounded artists ourselves. This year already we have worked on three new commissions with four amazing artists. It is safe to say that season 54 will not be a dull one!

Dan Higgins, Bay Area native, began dancing at the age of eighteen after a long history with organized sports. The physicality and athleticism directly translated into his love for dance. Dan received his training from the University of Wyoming, obtaining his B.F.A. in Dance Performance. Dan is a performer, teacher and choreographer who is currently interested in the mergence of semantic expression and body composition as they relate to the human condition.

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