Repertory Dance Theatre

By Katherine Kain

I never quite know what’s in store for me when starting a SummerDance workshop at Repertory Dance Theatre. I know that I’m going to be challenged to think outside the box, to consider new perspectives, to be pushed to new physical extremes, and that I’m going to grow into a more thoughtful, passionate dancer.

In the past, RDT has always brought in diverse, unexpected, incredibly qualified artists to Salt Lake City to share their experiences during the summer workshops. The last two years the Company has brought in artists inspired and trained in Gaga technique. In the past, I’ve taken Gaga classes and had the opportunity to learn some of the guest artist’s repertory. I have had classes with deep influences from Alexander Technique and have taken classes in a diverse gentres, including hip hop, modern technique, African, jazz, composition, improvisation, and even some ballroom.

This summer, I am looking forward to learning some Jose Limon technique and repertory taught by Nina Watt and Alice Condodina. I have a little knowledge of Limon technique, as any good modern technique class, unknowingly or knowingly, incorporates Limon elements of fall, suspension, and recovery. I know that I love the thrill of falling, feeling weightless in space, and the adrenaline rush of finding moments of suspension before and after the fall. I know that if I allow myself to truly let go, to truly explore how gravity affects my body, I will experience feelings very similar to riding a roller coaster. Developing these skills, learning how to more deeply tune into these sensations, and working closely with such experienced, qualified teachers–all of this is what I anticipate when I attend an RDT SummerDance intensive.

During this week-long workshop, June 26-30, 2017, we will also be learning some Jose Limon repertory, for which I could not be more thrilled. RDT has introduced me to some Limon works, such as “Missa Brevis” and “Mazurkas,” both of which I have loved watching. To learn some of his works, personally from Nina and Alice, both of whom have been highly esteemed members of his company, is going to be an amazing experience that will really allow me to put the technique that we will be working on into practice.

I never know exactly what to expect from summer workshops at RDT, but every single one of them has reaffirmed and reignited the intense passion I have for dancing, and for experiencing different techniques and practices. Each workshop has stirred curiosity about the history of dance, and how dance can impact the world around us.

I always leave an RDT’s SummerDance inspired, inquisitive, and determined to continue learning.

SUMMERDANCE17 is a one-week Jose Limon intensive, June 26-30. Registration is still open here.

Katherine Kain is originally from the Salt Lake Valley, and has attended RDT performances, workshops and classes regularly for many years now. She was first introduced to the Company by RDT Artistic Associate and former RDT dancer Nick Cendese at the studio she attended as a child. Nick eventually bought the studio and hired members of RDT to teach, including current RDT dancer Lauren Curley. Currently, Katherine is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, but she is back in Salt Lake City for the summer where she is spending much of her free time dancing in RDT community classes and workshops.

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