Double Take





Repertory Dance Theatre and Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company join forces to bring us all back to the stage. These two internationally known companies share their artistry and their optimism with a groundbreaking, collaborative concert.

RDT will present RESET by Justin Bass, winner of the Regalia 2020 choreographic competition and OUTDOORS by Israeli choreographers Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof.
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company presents Autumn Sun by Artistic Director, Daniel Charon.  
From The Artistic Directors, Linda C. Smith and Daniel Charon
Ririe-Woodbury and RDT are so thrilled to have this opportunity to present Double Take together. We’ve collaborated on this performance with the hope and desire of bringing live dance back. When we started this joint process back in April, we were unsure what the state of the world would be like when we arrived to this fall. We considered so many options with our dream being that we could welcome all of our patrons back and celebrate the return to the theater for a live dance performance.  We also knew we needed to stay nimble and be ready to present our performance in a way that was safe and comfortable for all.  After assessing the situation we find ourselves in today, we have decided to share Double Take in a digital-only format. However, in this time of uncertainty, one thing remains clear to us: Dance is an artistic expression that has the power to connect, support, and heal.    Dance is a fragile ecosystem. Our national and local “dance family” is struggling but determined.  In the best of times, dance companies vie for funding and opportunities, but we also understand that we depend on one another, and we must care for one another. It feels so satisfyingly empowering to go into this experience together. It’s been a creative time of strategizing, adapting, and coming together. Through this period of change, we’ve realized the beauty of leaning on your neighbors and the importance of community as we imagine an ever-changing future. This global crisis has deprived us of spaces to be together, but it has re-confirmed our belief in the power of our art form to give people joy and comfort, courage and hope. Humans have a need for some transcendence in their lives.  Dance can be a pathway to that state of being and is vital to our ability to endure.  DOUBLE TAKE will be offered in a virtual format but it demonstrates our solidarity and commitment to continue to serve this community. It also gives our courageous dancers the opportunity to continue to perform. We are heartbroken to learn of the many small businesses, restaurants, independent artists, production personnel and dance companies that are being adversely affected by the pandemic.  Let DOUBLE TAKE be a reminder that we must be resilient and resourceful, flexible and determined.  Our companies are dedicated to creating new and innovative ways for us to dance together.  Dance is Essential – Dance We Must!
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the film is a flattering cinematic representation of two internationally known dance institutions based in Salt Lake City with a well-established history as pioneers.

Les Roka / The Utah Review
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