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If you know Solange Gomes, you know that she is the preeminent expert on Flamenco in the state of Utah. We at RDT have been lucky enough to have been working with Solange for many years with classes, performances, and collaborations.

Solange teaches two classes every week (Beginning and Advanced Flamenco) at RDT’s Dance Center on Broadway and has been for more than a decade. Her students love her classes and many of them end up dancing with her in her own company.

On top of the classes she teaches, she also has a full-time “day job” and runs her very own Flamenco performing company – Tablado Flamenco (where she is the principle dancer, artistic director AND choreographer… phew!).

We were lucky enough to have Solange join us for our MOSAIC concert in November. She performed a stunner of a solo with a live guitarist John Major.

“One of the evening’s most memorable highlights came in the opening dance of the women’s segment with Solange Gomes (the bailaora) and John Major (guitarrista) performing the standout Soleá of the flamenco tradition….Gomes, wearing a beautifully crafted shawl (the manton) conveyed the full extent of the dance’s body language.”

Les Roka, The Utah Review
Solange performing in MOSAIC. Photo by Dat Nguyen.

But now, what we are most looking forward to, is Tablado Flamenco’s Ring Around the Rose performance on February 9. This will be their fifth time performing on the series in the past ten years and every time they bring an unforgettable show. Last time, they even made entering the theater an experience!

Tablado Flamenco guitarrists perform as audience members enter the theater.

As with all Ring Around the Rose performances, audience members will be involved from the very beginning. Here they are last time showing audience members some very fun moves!

So if you’re ever looking for a Flamenco experience in Salt Lake City, look no further than Solange Gomes. She can teach you a class, or transport you to another country in a performance.

And don’t miss RDT’s Ring Around the Rose on February 9 where Solange and her talented company will do both!

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