North Star

September 30-October 2, 2021, virtual on-demand beginning October 8




Celebrated choreographer Lar Lubovitch has created works for dance companies across the globe as well as for Broadway, film, and even ice-skating. Lubovitch’s signature style as a choreographer embodies a free-flowing, cascading, and highly musical movement quality that appears as effortless to dance as beautiful.    


Marimba - (1976)
“Continuous, unison, circular, it explores humanity and togetherness. Evident here is Lubovitch’s interest in the individual’s place in the community…The joy of interconnectedness made for seamless transitions from triplets to runs.  Gentle pulls and some more on edge leave one breathless.” – Husso, Attitude, Volume 22 No. 4 (winter 2009)  
North Star (1978)
North Star, created in 1978, begins with eight dancers holding hands and moving in a wave. As a single unit, the group formed brief huddles and clusters as they snaked around the stage. The choreography, like the minimalist music it was danced to, cycled, and repeated in undulating peaks and troughs giving one the impression of a community of individuals, along with an overt sense of the clever use of bodies in space. The dancers’ swirling patterns of movement make it appear as if we were seeing them through a kaleidoscope.  
Something About Night (2018) 
"Something About Night is a work for five dancers (two women and three men), who appear in various blends of pairings.  It’s composed of fragments of many dances I’ve done over the years, little moments in duets and trios. But mainly, my motivation was that I want to be quiet. I think I value quiet now. And in this dance, I’m seeking a quieting of the mind." (Lar Lubovitch)  

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The performance will be available to view on-demand starting October 8, 2021.

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“Quietude. Relaxation. Contemplation. Meditation. Natural euphoria. This week’s 56th season opener for the Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT), featuring the works of choreographer Lar Lubovitch, sets an ideal tone for a soothing return to a live stage concert that a performing arts company could program for audiences, not seen since early 2020.” – Les Roka, The Utah Review

Each of the four dance tableaux became living paintings that literally could have been produced at the time of the composer’s life in the 18th century but they also are timeless (kudos to the lighting design of Pilar I who followed the original as created by Clifton Taylor).

Les Roka / The Utah Review

Perhaps the simplest way to characterize the composition rounding out the first half – Lar Lubovitch’s Something About Night, a work the choreographer created last year to celebrate his company’s 50th anniversary – is ‘Wow!’

Les Roka / The Utah Review
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